The Philosophy of Wine

1990 Ft

„Previous editions of Béla Hamvas’s A bor lozó ája (written in 1945), including those in Hungarian, omit- ted some material that has been resto- red in this translation, making it the rst complete edition of the work in any language.

A new translation of a unique and much-loved book by the philosopher and writer Béla Hamvas, only the se- cond of his works to be available in English. „ e Philosophy of Wine” is an apologia for the rare, solemn moments of life, of ease, of play, and self-forgetful serenity.”



„Wine peoples live not in the world of historical ambitions but in those of the golden age. Such behaviour is the consequence of the idyll-oil, one of the most vital elements in wine. Wine countries and wine regions are all idyl- lic. Just take a walk in the vineyards

of Arács and Csopak, go up into the hills of Badacsony or Szent György,or especially Somló, take a stroll around the vineyards of Kiskőrös and Csen- gőd, and you are sure to experience this. e soft grassy paths between the vine-stocks ow gently like peaceful brooks. A giant walnut tree before the entrance to the wine cellars o ers its cool shade even in the hottest of sum- mers. ese are places you can stop whenever you choose, sit down, take your ease, and say: here I will stay. And perhaps,even without noticing it, this is where death will catch up with you.”

[CONTENTS: I. Tree – The Metaphysics of Wine – The World of the Mouth – Hi- eratic Masks – A Glass of Wine: Atheism’s death leap – Eschatological Excursus – Oils – An Epilogue to the Metaphysics (Apologia) – II. Wine as Nature – Wine and Idyll – Grapes, Wine, Precious Stones, Women – A Wine Catalogue (Outline) – III. The Art of the Wine Ceremony – Mouth Harmonies – When to Drink and When Not? – How to Drink? – Where to Drink? – Res Fortissima (For Pietists and Puritans) – Vita Illu- minativa ( The Final Prayer).]